Ribero Brown

Writer and Artist

Ph.D. Student – Political Science

(Indigenous Politics and Alternative Futures)


Publications – Fiction and Gaming


A small Story                                                   Twine 2 Game, 2017


“Home is Where the Waves Are”         Story for Imagining Indigenous Futurisms

Fish Wishes                                                     Childrenʻs Book 2014


“Liminality”                                                       Relational Constellation, Fall 2017

Under Preparation

Sexy Beast “Curves and Fangs”                                  (Graphic novel)

M2                                                                                                                       (Menopausal Mutantions series)

Aurrira! A cross-dressing caper across the seas       (Basque 17th century historical fiction)

Whispers (ticktick)                                                       (Series of Twine 2 games)

Publications – Academe

International Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“Never Alone: (Re)Coding the Comic Holotrope of Survivance”

Transmotion Journal – May 2017 publication

“Indigenous Digital Resurgence: Honour Water and Invaders”

Open Library of Humanities: Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies – late 2017 publication


International Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

“Indigenous Political Theory Approach to Videogame Research” in How to do Popular Culture in International Relations, Jan. 2017 publication



“The Walking Dead and Assemblage Theory”

Journal of Supernatural Studies – Special Issue: Television and the Supernatural, March 2015


Under Preparation

“When Thunderbird and Deer Woman Strike: Indigenous Feminist (Re)codings of Rage and Resurgence.”

“Indigenotopia: Digital Heterotopic Realm-Crossing Protocols.”



-Panel Presentation: Burning the Codebook: Indigenous Digital Research Methods

International Studies Association Conference, Feb. 2015 in New Orleans, LA

-Panel Presentation: “Shapeshifting and Mediawalking Through the Virtual Spaces of ‘Never Alone’: Video Games and Indigenous Rights Claims for Iñupiat Peoples”

International Studies Association Conference, March 2016 in Atlanta, GA

-Panel Presentation “IR and Video Games – The Case for Never Alone

International Studies Association Conference, March 2016 in Atlanta, GA

-Roundtable Presentation: “How inappropriate! Exploring the boundaries of disciplinary performances”

International Studies Association Conference, March 2016 in Atlanta, GA

-Roundtable Presentation: “In Pursuit of Spiritual Hinterlands: Untangling ‘the Secular’”

International Studies Association Conference, February 2017

Conferences and Workshops


-Writing the Other with Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford

November-December 2016

-Indigenous Cultural Game Design Workshop (& Jam)

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, November 2016

-Initiative for Indigenous Futures Symposia on Resurgence

Winnipeg, Ontario, October 2017

Awards and Accomplishments


Writing the Other Scholarship Award November 2016

UHM Political Science Department Graduate Student Travel Award 2015-2016

UHM Political Science Department Graduate Student Travel Award 2013-2014

UHM French Department Scholarship 2011-2012

Alliance Française Bourse 2011-2012

Passed Foreign Service Written Exam (Paris, France)                        Spring 2010 Testing

Passed Foreign Service Oral Exam  (Washington, D.C.)                    Fall 2010 Testing




English – native speaker                                  French – fluent

Japanese – novice                                            Hawaiian – novice                   Euskadi – novice

Academic Experience and Areas of Study


 Present            University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Ph.D. student in Political Science – Indigenous Politics/Futures Studies

-Emphasis on indigenous digital media, feminism, and anarch@-indigeneity


2015                University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Masterʻs Degree in Political Science – Indigenous Politics (May 2015)

-Emphasis on diaspora, digital politics, queer theory and womenʻs studies


2013                            University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Master’s Degree in French (May 2013)


2011                California State University, Chico

Bachelor of Arts – Major in French, minor in Japanese


2008-2009                   University of Paris (Sorbonne and Sorbonne Censier)

Created a course program revolving around economic applications and policies, international relations, and intensive French studies (grammar, analysis, translation, oral communication)